Custom Made Hunting Blind

How to Make a Custom Made Hunting Blind

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If you are a photographer or a professional hunter, it can be very tricky to get close to the animals you want to hunt or photograph. With a blind strategically located, all these can be easy.

Building a custom-made hunting blind from bushes and saplings can be an excellent alternative for many cases. First and foremost, it is a cheaper method. You only need to have a few tools, jute twine or baling wire and a couple of minutes. Also, the blind hunting acts as a camouflage hence your targets can easily spot you.

Gather Your Tools to Make Custom Made Hunting Blind 

Gather Your Tools to Make Custom Made Hunting Blind You will need several tools to build your hunting blind. Ensure that you adhere to the following guideline and cover the blind with a lot of foliage so that it is not seen. You will need a tool to chop wood and advanced work on the wood you have cut.

Look for a woodcutter. You might sharp tool such as a machete to cut out the excess branches and leaves. You will be the one to decide on the quality of hunting blind you want.  You can make a practical or an advanced one.

Building your blind

Now that you are confident of creating your hunting blind, you need to focus on efficiency and practicality of the cover. Its primary function is to camouflage you, to have a place you can comfortably wait for a long time without any worries. The blind is elevated well for better viewing, but you can still build one closer to the ground.

Ground the hunting blind

If you wish to develop a ground custom-made hunting blind, it will be much easier. You do not need a ladder; you won’t need a lot of effort to camouflage or hide.  Begin by affixing the logs you cut. A rectangular shape is ideal.

But you should ensure you use to think and sturdy logs that are neither too thin nor too fat. Bind the woods with a hammer and nails or rope. This kind of hunting blind is easy to build and takes a short time. But it offers basics benefits such as shelter and camouflage.

Elevated hunting blind

Elevated hunting blindBuilding an elevated requires some advanced skills because it is a complicated procedure. You need to take note of the durability and sturdiness of the construction of the entire structure if you choose to build an elevated hunting blind. If the structure falls, you are bound to get injured. This will also scare away your target.

Although there are many advantages of an elevated blind, you will need to spend some ample time and effort to build it. The first step is to create a base for the blind. This part requires a lot of caution because its durability is paramount.

Build the support and attach them

First and foremost, place the support. Ensure the logs are thick and sturdy. Attach each of the woods using a rope or nails because they will hold the whole structure firmly.

Many hunters prefer a hunting blind with a ladder, but this is purely optional because they are those who can scale without one. But ladders are essential, more so if the blind is very high or if you have many tools to haul up.

Build the watchtower

Build the watchtowerBefore you begin building the watchtower, design a sketch and visualize how it will look. The watchtower is essential because it is through it all the magic happens.

This is the most crucial part of the entire construction process. Check to make sure the hunting blind is stable and can support your weight. Also, check to see if you can make some final touches on the structure.

You cannot be confident that the blind is stable by sitting on it. Move around, fasten the ropes and add nails wherever necessary. Also, you can pain the hunting blind. Choose a color that is similar to the environment the blind is located, or you just leave it like that.

Wrap up

You should remember that hunting blinds are like a house. Where it’s located is very important. Finding the right place will take you some time, but you will eventually find a right spot. Building a custom-made hunting blind takes a lot of effort and time, but in the end, you will enjoy the benefits, and your hunting experience will be successful.

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