7 Essential Hunting Gear You Must Need

Bungee cord

Whether you are a novice or an amateur in the game, there is a higher chance you will forget some important things you should have packed beforehand.  There is no need to worry though because this article shares the top 7 most essential hunting gear that you have to carry with you to the hunting field.

Essential Hunting Gear You may Need at the Time of Hunting

Bungee cord
Bungee cord

Sometimes, you may be ready with your backpack and gun and luck some extra space. If you are hunting a climber, then you need a bungee cord to help you strap your bag to a tree or stand. You surely don’t want to aim for a short, and you accidentally knock your bag, and everything falls out of it.

Bug suit

Bug suitMosquitoes can be very irritating. During hunting, don’t expect to be all safe with a long-sleeved shirt and pants, mosquitoes can comfortably find their way into your skin. A bug is an essential hunting gear. Furthermore, the bug acts as camouflage, and so your target can’t easily spot you.

A signal glass mirror and whistle

Well, many people don’t think that these two tools are not essential, but they are. You can use a whistle or the glass mirror to signal for help. Additionally, a whistle can frighten and ward off animals. Also, you can use the mirror to check for injuries in places you cannot use your eyes efficiently, as well as looking at yourself, just to see how you look.


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Since time immemorial, people have been using the compass for direction and guidance; the hunters are a no exception. Unlike in the past, today hunters can use GPS. The thing is, you can never be too prepared when it comes to hunting.

That’s why you should always carry your GPS device when in the hunting field. Ensure your GPS is waterproof and fully charged before you set off for hunting. Even if you have mastered all the tracks and routes in the area, having a GPS device is a sure way of getting you home in case you are lost or stuck. It is safe to pack these devices in your backpack than to regret later.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit for hunters is way too different from the normal one. There is more to the bag than just ibuprofen and band-aids. You will need a lot of tools if you suffer a significant injury. It is advisable that you create your first aid kit from scratch.

Firstly, have the medicines such as epinephrine pens, pressure pills, antibacterial ointments, and asthma inhalers, in place. You can then add other essential tools in the kit: this may include gauze, bandages, splints, and tourniquet and so on.

Apart from having the kit, ensure that you learn how to use the tools therein as well as to administer the medication, in case of injury or sickness.

Things You Need to Know Before Hunting

6 Things You Need to Know Before Hunting

The hunting topic usually seems so simple, but there are many things to learn before getting to the field, the education is unending. However, everyone starts from somewhere, isn’t it?

The hunting season is just around the corner, and this is the perfect time to start mastering a couple of things so that you are well equipped when the times comes. When you are on the field, you need to know how to use your hunting tools. Spend some ample time to get used to the things you will be using during your hunting.

Enrol for a hunter education course

The best place to start, especially if you are an amateur is to sign up for a hunter education course, which is also referred to as hunter safety course. A hunter course will help you know more about hunters, hunting, as well as the wildlife to pursue. You should consider an actual hunter course instead of an online introductory course.

In a physical class, you can meet and mingle with hunters such as yourself as well as qualified experts and instructors. Shooting will also be a part of the practical lesson. As an amateur, the course will give you an opportunity to try your first shots.

Read the regulations carefully

Check the license requirements and ensure that you adhere or meet them. Also, you will better comprehend what is needed and what is not. Additionally, you should read the regulations for the particular animal you would love to hunt. Take note of statewide season because they may not be eligible for public hunting grounds like for instance wildlife management grounds.

Wildlife management grounds have their restrictions and where what, and when to hunt. This may vary from one state to another. Furthermore, ask which kind of equipment is allowed. Some hunting grounds are restricted to the weapons you should carry, while others allow you to take just about any other tool.

Check out gun safety rules

Before using any gun, you should ensure that you review the rules and regulations on firearms safety and ensure you fully understand everything. It is wise to evaluate the safety rules on a regular basis, even if you are an experienced hunter. Note that majority of these regulations also apply to specific equipment such as crossbows and bows.

Practice makes perfect

Firing a few shots doesn’t make you a better hunter. And even if you are an experienced shooter, there is nothing better as becoming confident and proficient at the art. So, make sure you practice your skills, especially your weakest points, as often as possible. Head to the range and start shooting. Also, there are guides and tutorials on how to shoot like a professional; you can check them out. You may like also: varmint hunting.

Do your research before buying a gun

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Before you hit the woods, it is wise to practice with borrowed guns first. If your family member or friends own a gun, request them to let you shoot with theirs. Alternatively, you can contact some local ranges and tell them you don’t own a gun but would love to try some shooting. There are many gun rentals, plus there even others that provide loaners. So, why don’t you try your luck? When it comes to purchase your gun, ensure the one you are getting is ideal for the game you want to try out.


Bow hunting is not ideal for starters. For amateurs, it is vital that you have the best possible tool that increases your chances of a catch. Bow hunting is not an easy task, and it is highly recommended for hunters who are good at hunting with guns. However, if you choose bow hunting, it is still important to practice.

On the other hand, it is even hard to use archery equipment, as compared to firearms. That’s the reason why many hunters prefer bow hunting, but sadly, many hunters don’t practice bow hunting at all. Whichever tool you use, ensure you exercise often.

It will take you some time before you become good at bow and gun, despite the fact that people argue it is easy to hunt down an animal with a scoped rifle. Even though the shots are natural, they are not the rule.


Take into consideration the above six tips because they will affect your hunting significantly. With these tips, you can be sure your hunting experience will be more fun and successful.